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 Neil Lawler 
A site dedicated to the care of pet Corn Snakes
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Browse some of the latest Corn Snake vivarium models currently available, as well as vivarium locks! We feature products from major UK retailers, including Seapets, Ideal World, PetSupermarket and Amazon! (To find out more about vivariums, see our info below). So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

On this page of, you can browse some of the latest Corn Snake vivarium models currently available! We feature many Corn Snake vivariums, as well as vivarium locks! A vivarium lock is an essential must-have for any Corn Snake owners. Corn Snakes love to escape their vivariums, so it’s important to attach a lock to the vivarium to prevent this from happening. And, it goes without saying that a vivarium is important. Vivariums are sometimes also known as terrariums, but this word has gone out of fashion as the hobby became more popular. We feature wooden vivariums of all different colours and vivariums with cabinets, so you have plenty to choose from!