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A site dedicated to the care of pet Corn Snakes
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On this page of, you can browse some of the latest Corn Snake substrates currently available! ‘Substrate’ means the material that your pet Con Snake will live on - it is what covers the bottom of your vivarium. With baby Corn Snakes, some people like to start off by covering the vivarium floor with newspaper, but as they get older, bark chips and softwood substrates are more appropriate. Sphagnum moss is also featured on this page, but it should be noted that this moss should NOT cover the bottom of the vivarium, but should be placed within your Corn Snake’s hides to provide comfort at night and a place to burrow in.

Browse some of the latest Corn Snake substrates currently available! You’ll find top quality brands for bark chips, softwood, coconut bark and sphagnum moss! We feature products from the likes of Amazon, Leekes, PetSupermarket, Seapets, Crocus and BloomingDirect. (To find out more about vivariums, see our info below).

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