A site dedicated to the care of pet Corn Snakes 
 Neil Lawler
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Our site is dedicated to bringing you plenty of information and advice on how to keep a Corn Snake - the world’s most popular species of pet snake!

We have loads of features on our site, including a shopping section, helpful tips on how to keep the snakes, an overview of our experience with Corn Snake.

We think that Corn Snakes make great pets. They’re fun, friendly and absolutely beautiful creatures. Being the most common species of pet snake, they’re also not too costly. If you’re considering buying a pet Corn Snake, head to our Care page, where we talk about the price of keeping the snakes and some of the problems you may face as an owner.

This site is headed up by Chris, a teenager from Cheshire who’s been keeping Corn Snakes since he was nine. You can read about his experiences at A Teen’s Story. And if you’re ready to start purchasing equipment for your snake, visit our Shop to view some of the best Corn Snake products currently available at Amazon.

You can also browse some of our personal images of our two Corn Snakes Kaala and Harvey here. And if you have any pictures which you can confirm belong to you, why not contact us and send us the pictures at our contact page? And we’ll also appreciate any other Corn Snake info and feedback for the site too.

Enjoy the site!

(Our mascot, Harvey!)

We like to keep you up to date with some of the latest Corn Snake products currently available! Here’s a list of some of our bestsellers, but we have many more products in our shopping section, where you can browse through 10 different shopping categories!

New to the site? A little confused? We’ll point you in the right direction! (Click any of the links below to get started)


A care sheet/guide for keeping pet Corn Snakes in three sections - Getting Started, Background Info and Basic Requirements

A story about a teenager’s experience of keeping pet Corn Snakes! Read this short story and also learn how to care for and breed pet Corn Snakes.

Take a look at our images of Kaala and Harvey, the two Corn Snakes features in A Teen’s Story!

Browse some of the latest Corn Snake products, including vivariums, substrates, merchandise, heating equipment, cleaning products and more!

Have anything you need to say? Website feedback? Just general chit-chat? Contact us here and we’ll reply as soon as we can!


New to keeping pet Corn Snakes? Want to start out? Then don’t worry, because we’ve already written out your shopping list for you! If you’re sure that a pet Corn Snake is right for you, then here’s a handy list of what you’ll need/choose to acquire when starting out. Items that are absolutely essential are marked with an ‘E’, but other items which are optional are marked with an ‘O’. Each item is also a clickable link, which will take you to browse Corn Snake products on our site!


Check out our store, with everything you need for keeping Corn Snakes. Vivariums, heatlamps, starter kits… and much more!


Welcome to the world of Corn Snakes!

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