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A site dedicated to the care of pet Corn Snakes
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On this page of, you can browse some of the latest Corn Snake feeding tongs currently available! Feeding tongs are not a necessity when starting out with keeping pet Corn Snakes, but it is recommended in some cases. Corn Snakes are a harmless species of snake, and feeding tongs are generally used with venomous snakes, like Green Tree Pythons. However, the use of feeding tongs with Corn Snakes is advised, because Corn Snakes often smell their food on a human hand and bite the hand, instead of the mouse. We offer a range of feeding tongs from all different retailers,  made of plastic or metal.

Browse some of the latest Corn Snake feeding tongs currently available! There are many feeding tongs available here. We feature products from major UK retailers, including Amazon, PetSupermarket and Seapets. All feeding tongs are of high quality and suitable for any reptile.  

Feeding Tongs For Sale