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A site dedicated to the care of pet Corn Snakes 
 Neil Lawler
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Following is a brief summary on how to keep Corn Snakes. We hope this information benefits you, but please be aware that we are not Corn Snake experts - the following information was written by a teenager called Chris, talking about his experience of keeping Corn Snakes. We are confident that on the most part, other Corn Snake owners would agree with the guide and its teachings. We are not responsible for any bad outcomes from following Chris’s guide - it is simply a collection of instructions he was taught and experiences he had.

Corn Snake Care - Foreword

We’ve talked for long enough - if you’re ready, take a look at Chris’s Corn Snake care guide. Chris’s guide comes in three parts, an introduction, a page for background info and it finishes with a section on basic requirements. And of course, Chris is not a Corn Snake expert. If you want a longer and more in-depth guide to keeping Corn Snakes, why not try shopping around here? The link will take you to our Corn Snake Merchandise page, which contains books, DVDs, posters and even more fun stuff to get your paws on! And if you’re not quite sure what to buy yet, click here. We hope you now be left in peace to enjoy Chris’s guide!